Mark My Words is an online word strategy game for 1 to 4 players, for web, Android, and iOS. The game takes place on a hexagonal grid, on which players place tiles to form words. Tile values may be boosted by Double Letter (2L), Double Word (2W), Triple Letter (3L), and Triple Word (3W) bonuses. Each player controls the tiles for the words they play, and your score is the sum of your controlled tile values. But beware: other players can take control of your tiles by building on them!

How to Play

Each player has a hand of 7 letter tiles. Players take turns playing words by placing tiles on the board. You may also swap tiles, or pass your turn. Think carefully about not just the score for the current move, but how well you'll be able to defend your tiles from being taken by other players in the future. Each played word is checked against a dictionary. If you want to know the definition, click the word in the recent plays area.


Game Modes

There are two game modes. The rules above describe the Original mode. In Lockdown mode there is an additional rule:

This shifts the strategic value between aggression and defense for a different play experience. Try both and see which you prefer.


Each tile has a value. That value may increase when bonuses are applied. Each player's score is the sum of the tiles' values that they control. This means that your score can go down when other players take control of tiles! Because of the compounding effect of bonuses, it is common for some tiles to become very valuable. Winning the game may come down to control of only a handful of tiles. Think hard about how to defend, and when to take tiles.

Other Game features

In addition to the gameplay itself, the Mark My Words app features the ability to create and join games, chat with other players, switch between active and pending games and other features. You may log in with your Google account, email address and password, Apple login, or even anonymously. You can set your preferred display name and color scheme in your preferences. These will persist between devices.

Ads and in-app purchases

Yes, we run ads to pay for hosting costs and hopefully make a little money. Actually, hopefully enough money that our one developer can do this full time. But, if you want to remove ads, please consider buying a No-Ads pass. At the moment, these can only be purchased in the Android or iOS apps, not the web version. BUT, if your account has No-Ads, it will have No-Ads on every platform. Purchases will be honored cross-platform as much as practically possible.